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TeideBike cycling holiday is for clubs, friends, family and companies. 

You can escape the busy world and be relaxed in the paradise of Tenerife.

Five times a week we head out. From Monday to Friday, you can join the whole week or pick one of our daily tour rides. All our rides are open to riders of all 3 levels explained below. 

After our rides you have the option to shower. 

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. In Tenerife, the weather is always right for a ride in shorts and short sleeves. The Canarian island has everything for recreational, experienced and professional cyclists.

Tenerife is the very best cycling spot in the world. The sun, the sea, its cliffs and the volcano El Teide. In one and the same ride, you literally climb from sea level to over 2,000 metres of altitude.

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Rider level

All our rides and packages try to accommodate riders of all levels to keep it both fun and challenging. Here are the three levels we use to gauge our clients. Please mention your chosen level when booking a ride or package.

  • basic

    You are a recreational cyclist with basic fitness. Above all, you want to enjoy yourself while being active in beautiful surroundings. Fun is key. Average speed 22 km/h

  • medium

    You are an experienced cyclist looking for a challenge. Your rides usually count more kilometres and altimeters. Your fitness level is always good and you are coming to Tenerife to sharpen it. On average speed will be between 24 to 27 km/h.

  • high

    You are a cyclist with only one goal in mind. When you need to be in top form is marked in your diary and training schedule. You want to push your limits on the terrain where the pros also train. Long rides and lots of altimeters? Bring it on! Average speed: 27 km/h and more.

Do you want to explore Tenerife by bike?

Download our 3 favourite rides in Tenerife together with the Strava files.Don't want to explore on your own, trust in our service and let you guide through the Island.