Day ride Friday

Friday ride to Granadilla to El Teide -

  • Guided ride


Day trip

Granadilla to El Teide

  • Guidance with mapped-out route
  • 6d sports nutrition isotonic before and recovery shake after the ride
  • Supply stop or a coffee with the supply of 6d sports nutrition
  • Recovery shake afterwards
  • Showering, washing cycling clothes, and/or cleaning the bicycle
Ride metrics (Granadilla)
118 km - 2.750m elevation gain - 4h 54m
Meeting hour
Calle Diario de Avisos 5
7 hours

Points of interest


  • Vilaflor, one of the highest villages in Spain
  • Supply stop in Parque El Teide
  • Chio, view of the Atlantic coast and mountain scenery of the Teide National Park

What to expect?

Granadilla - Parque El Teide - Chio

Better fire up those calves for the ultimate ride as we climb to the top of the Teide. In this unique volcanic landscape, a lot of top international riders prepare for their exploits in the Tour de France and other big races. And now it's up to you to release your inner athlete. Soaring high in this natural wonder that is also a Unesco World Heritage Site!

From Granadilla, we start climbing to El Teide. We take a supply stop in Vilaflor and in the national parque El Teide. The views of Teide, Spain's highest peak and the centerpiece of Tenerife's dramatic landscape, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Whether observed from afar or experienced up close, Teide commands attention with its majestic presence and rugged beauty.

After conquering the Teide, we go down via Chio where we also stop in the famous cycling bar. 

Rider levels


    You are a recreational cyclist with basic fitness. Fun is key. Average speed 22 km/h


    You are an experienced cyclist looking for a challenge. On average speed will be between 24 to 27 km/h.

  • HIGH

    You are a cyclist with only one goal in mind. Long rides and lots of altimeters? Bring it on! Average speed: 27 km/h and more.

Some impressions...

El Teide Ride 65

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