What is the best E-bike to cycle to El Teide?

18 September 2023

Nothing more annoying than a flat battery halfway up the climb towards the Teide. The Teide is the central point of Tenerife and known among many cycling tourists. You climb from sea level to the highest point, about 2,500 meters in altitude in about 55 km. This makes the Teide one of the longest climbs in Europe. The Olmo E-bro 2.0 E-bike is the E-bike that will take you to the top of El Teide without any worries.

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Polini engine

The Italian brand has been around since 1939 and is an established name in the E-bike segment. The engines are also Italian-made. The Polini E-P3 + Evo is one of the most powerful motors on the e-race bike market. With its 75 Nm and a peak power of 500Wh, it is in the top segment. The bicycle also has a speed sensor, torque sensor, and pedal sensor.

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Riding an E-bike will never be the same again!

The battery is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 504 Wh. There is also an option to install an extra 250 Wh battery. The battery has an autonomy of 220 km and is the E-bike that meets all requirements on the island of Tenerife.

The Olmo E-bro has a carbon frame and front fork, giving it a total weight of 15kg. The E-bike also feels like a real racing bike. The battery system and drive system are fully integrated with the bicycle. The bicycle appears elegant.

In terms of geometry, this bike is a very dynamic sports bike. There are five levels of support, making it perfect for conquering cols. If you prefer not to climb, you can easily make kilometers without support on the flat. This bike is also made for the sporty cyclist who likes speeds between 40 and 50 km per hour.

The Olmo was also tested by the Flemish Cyclists' Union. Their opinion is that the Olmo is one of the best racing bikes of the moment. They place this next to the Pinarello Nytro and the Specialized S-WorksTurbo Creo, and yet this Olmo E-bro is different! However, the Pinarello Nytro has a battery of 'only' 252Wh capacity with a 60 Nm motor. The Specialized weighs slightly less, but should actually be considered a road-finished gravel bike. The Specialized has a 320 Wh battery and a 240 Wh motor.
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If you want the best E-race bike for price-quality with the most powerful engine to cycle into the mountains without any problems, then the Olmo E-bro is what you need! Rent one from us or feel free to view our range in the store.

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