Discover the difference: North Tenerife vs. South Tenerife

05 March 2024

Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary Islands, attracts many visitors from all over the world every year. With its diverse landscapes, from green valleys to sun-drenched beaches, Tenerife offers something for everyone. One of the most striking contrasts is the difference between the north and south of the island. Let's take a look at what each of these regions has to offer and what makes them so unique.

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North Tenerife: The north of Tenerife is known for its green vegetation, breathtaking cliffs and picturesque villages. Here are some highlights of this region:

  1. Anaga Rural Park: This UNESCO site offers an unspoilt landscape of dense forests, steep slopes and hidden coves. Cyclists can enjoy winding mountain roads with breathtaking views.
  2. La Orotava: This charming town is known for its beautiful historic center, with colorful colonial mansions and cobbled streets. Cycling through the narrow streets and past historic squares is a great way to experience the local culture.
  3. Los Gigantes Cliffs: In the northwest of Tenerife, these impressive cliffs rise hundreds of meters above the sea. Along the coast you will find picturesque villages such as Buenavista del Norte, where you can enjoy breathtaking views during your bike ride.
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South Tenerife: The south of Tenerife mainly attracts sun worshippers, with bustling seaside resorts and beautiful beaches. But there are also plenty of opportunities for cycling there. Here are some highlights of this region.

  1. Adeje-Playa San Juan: Along the west coast of Tenerife you have a combination of challenging climbs and beautiful coastal rides. From Costa Adeje the route leads along winding mountain roads to the picturesque village of Los Gigantes, known for its impressive cliffs rising from the sea. Cyclists can enjoy the spectacular views of the cliffs as they ride along the coastal road, before returning to Costa Adeje for a well-deserved rest.
  2. Chío-Arico: This area offers a challenging climb through the beautiful landscape of southern Tenerife. From the village of Chío the route starts with a steep ascent through picturesque mountain villages and rural roads. Cyclists are rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and Tenerife coastline as they ride to Arico. This route is ideal for experienced riders looking for a challenging climb with breathtaking views.
  3. Teide National Park: Although this park is mainly located in the central part of Tenerife, it is easily accessible from the south. Here you will find Spain's highest mountain, Mount Teide, and a unique moonscape that is perfect for exploring by bike.

The contrast between the north and south of Tenerife is evident in their landscapes, culture and atmosphere. Whether you are looking for peace and natural beauty in the north or sun, sea and vibrancy in the south, Tenerife has something for everyone. Whatever you choose, a cycling adventure on this beautiful island promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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