The right sports nutrition to climb El Teide by bike

28 October 2023

Many people want to cycle to Mount Teide. They often start this unprepared. We are always asked which food they should take with them. It's not just how much or which food to take with you, but also how you should use it. 


Sports nutrition is a very important factor because it maintains the performance during longer rides.

Can you cycle without sports nutrition? Yes, but at less intensive power and short distances. In a warmer climate, you also lose a lot of body fluid through sweating. It is therefore very important to take sufficient fluids such as carbohydrates. The nutritional strategy depends on the temperature, sweat rate, intensity, and length.

Nutritional Strategy El Teide Day Ride

We have created a nutrition strategy for our ride to Teide with approximately 105 kilometers and 2,500 meters altitude.

6d Sports Nutrition Pacakge

Start of the ride

Before you start riding, it is important to have breakfast and drink enough water.

It is then recommended from departure to fill 2 750ml water bottles with 3 scoops of Isotonic. Isotonic supplies electrolytes and water. While cycling you lose many minerals, called electrolytes. Isotonic drink ingredients help in the body's absorption of water, which is necessary for healthy body function. They also add slowly absorbable carbohydrates.

It is recommended to drink 1 bottle of Isotonic every hour during exercise. 6d Sports Nutrition has created isotonic for single use (in a bag) so that you can easily take it with you while cycling.

After 10 kilometers

We recommend taking 1 energy fruit. 6d energy fruit is a fruit bar that is rich in carbohydrates and easily digestible due to its extremely low fat, protein, and fiber content. There are 26 grams of carbohydrates in one fruit bar, in a ratio of 2:1 glucose and fructose. We recommend always taking the energy fruit in combination with some water.

After 25 kilometers

After an hour and a half of climbing and reaching 700 meters of altitude, it is recommended to take a small stop. Also, take the opportunity to refill your water bottles with isotonic and take one isotonic gel. The 6d isogel is isotonic in itself and compared to most other gels, this ensures faster absorption. Another advantage is that the 6d isogel can be consumed without water, creating an isotonic solution.

After leaving Granadilla you cycle to Vilalfor. Halfway through the climb we again recommend taking 1 more isogel.

El Teide Ride 31

After 40 kilometers

When you reach Vilaflor try to fill the bottles with isotonic again. Vilaflor is the last stop before you climb the last part of Mount Teide.

During the climb to Mount Teide, you take 1 energy gel. Energy gels give you extra energy during long distances by replenishing your depleted carbohydrate stores. Unlike most other gels, this one also contains 200 mg of sodium. The body's salt reserves can be quickly restored thanks to the addition of sodium. This is especially critical as athletes lose a lot of salt through sweat, especially when training in hot climates.

After 50 kilometers

When you arrive at the national park panel, we recommend taking 1 energy fruit and then starting the descent to Chio.

After 80km, you will be in Chio. In Chio, you will find BarParada, a cycling café. There you can eat a cake or 1 bar of the 6d nougats. 6d energy nougat is an easily digestible bar with a high carbohydrate content, a low protein and fiber content, and a moderate fat content. Unlike most other "energy bars", the 6d ENERGY NOUGAT also contains 50 mg sodium.

End of the ride

The ride ends after 105 kilometers. It is therefore recommended to take a recovery shake. And of course, don't forget that over-deserved beer.

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